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To reserve your seat is $15 per person, payable when you arrive.  Your reservation Money will go towards your purchases for the evening (example below).  


No cancellations within 24 hours please.


Currently limited to 18 DnD seats, 24 Magic: TG seats.  Advanced Board Games 4 tables in our Private Reserved area. 

The DnD campaigns will be One-Shot Adventures that will complete in one evening.  


You can bring your own Advanced board games like Monopoly, Imperial Miners, Frosthaven, Bruxelles 1893: Belle Epoque or any other stellar games.  We will have games you can sign out like Catan and many others. 



*Money Example: We will swipe your card for $15 dollars, and you will use that credit to purchase drinks/food throughout the evening.  If you buy 2 or more drinks, basically you will have paid for those drinks and no reservation fee.  If you would have bought 2 cans of Pepsi for a total of $8, then $7 would go toward reservation/table for the $15 tab started at the bar.  Basically a $15 minimum purchase for the evening.  Email us with any further questions. 


16+ year old Only Game Night inside Reserved Area

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