Assistant Brewer

We are Replay Brewing of Fort Mill, South Carolina, just 20 minutes south of downtown Charlotte, NC. Replay is an arcade themed brewery opening our doors in October 2021. We’ve got an awesome, brand new 4,400 building and patio area in the lively Kinsgley community ( and we are looking to hire a world class Assistant Brewer. Our mission is to deliver a ‘Next Level’ craft beer experience that’s inviting, fresh and fun by having a knowledgeable and fully committed team serve great beer in a unique and memorable environment. We’ll be brewing on our brand new 7 BBL Brewha equipment and we’re committed to making outstanding and innovative NE IPA’s, kettle sours, seltzers and other ales from day one. 

Replay Brewing was built on the idea that beer is fun. So, we believe that when we’re doing things right, the brewery will be a fun and positive space for both our team and our guests. And when you’re having fun, you’ll be able to offer your best self to our shared goal of creating a ‘Next Level’ craft beer experience. It’s our team’s ‘Next Level’ mindset that infuses what we think, say and do with the power to deliver on our mission every day.



Assistant Brewer Position Description

This is a fantastically cool and challenging opportunity for a talented and motivated brewer who is committed to the highest standards of brewing and loves working in a team environment. In the Replay Brewing culture, a shared sense of purpose is essential so you’ve got to be fully onboard with our ‘Next Level’ mindset. That means living our values of being fun, knowledgeable, friendly, passionate, team-oriented, committed, and thirsty. Merely showing up 9-5 and doing your job won’t be enough. Whether it’s an early morning canning run, answering a late-night text or attending a weekend event, we expect you to be eager and willing to participate because you want to be part of something special. Because a connection between the back of the house and the front of the house is important, this position will also be required to participate in beertending on a regular basis.

Brewing Responsibilities:

  • Minimum of two years commercial brewing experience preferred.

  • Bring a strong passion for the industry and a desire to advance your career by helping to launch a new brewery that has big goals.

  • Assist Head Brewer with innovative recipe development.

  • Implement and follow established quality control processes for brewing, cellaring, and packaging operations.

  • Uphold immaculate workplace standards by keeping equipment, floors, tanks, kegs, etc. as clean as possible at all times.

  • Maintain written documentation of tasks completed throughout all steps of the brewing process.

  • Ability to lift 50+ pound grain bags, work in confined spaces and climb ladders/steps.

  • Manage cellar operations including tank transfer and sanitation procedures.

  • Clean, Sanitize, Clean and Clean more.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Support the Head Brewer in coordinating optimal daily scheduling of brewing operations and staff.

  • Make suggestions to the Head Brewer for continuous improvement of efficient workflow and staffing.

  • Keep good records of production numbers (e.g. loss, total volume produced and packaged, etc.).

  • Assist in managing raw materials and inventory control.

  • Perform equipment maintenance and troubleshooting as needed.

  • Understand, enforce and adhere to all FDA, TTB, OSHA and WSLCB regulations and other applicable standards.

  • Be an active part of the taproom experience by performing all activities expected of our beertenders.


  • Learn and live the policies, and mission and culture of Replay Brewing.

  • Be an ambitious self-starter and proactively find ways to contribute to the overall success of the brewery.

  • Openness to positive and constructive feedback from owners and other team members.

  • Be a leader on the brewing floor to help train, develop and motivate the rest of the team.

  • Attend all staff meetings as required.

  • Educate taproom staff regarding the basics of brewing, beer styles, brewhouse function so that they can be good ambassadors for our beer and the brewing process.

  • Be an active part of the taproom experience by engaging with taproom guests on a regular basis (e.g. giving tours, engaging with the guests, etc.)

  • Promote good community relations by representing Replay Brewing at festivals and other events outside of the brewery.


Compensation:  Mix of Hourly rate in Brewhouse and SC Server Base pay plus tip sharing when Beertending

Additional Benefits

  • TBD



For the right experienced assistant brewer, this is an amazing opportunity to share what you’ve learned and contribute in a meaningful way to a highly successful start for Replay Brewing. We’re in this for the long haul so it’s important that you’re willing to make a long-term commitment to the business. If this opportunity inspires you, please email and let’s find time to talk.