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From the mind of @ASXL41 comes
Saturday Morning Special
 Cinnimon Toast Crunch Stout
12% ABV

As part of the Upper Palmetto Zymurgy Society homebrew club in the Fort Mill South Carolina area.  The club members share their knowledge and combined experiences to bring homebrewing to the next level. 



The club organizers plan fun competitions to put members skills to the test and most importantly have fun brewing!  The latest competition was called the Homebrew Fantasy Draft.  Teams or individuals have a multi-hour draft exactly like you would have for a fantasy football team.  Each team in order can select an ingredient, and that ingredient comes off the draft board.  If you are going to take the Christian McCaffrey of ingredients like 2-Row Malt, you may be stuck with a lesser ingredient later in the draft (yes I'm looking at you Bologna).  The strategy is real, and it takes creativity to brew the best beer.   

Andrew's ingredients and his exceptional homebrewing skills were showcased in this Stout.  After tasting 12 different and creative beers, the Replay Brewing team awarded Andrew's beer 1st place!  

As part of the prize, Andrew won the opportunity to brew on Replay Brewing's 7 BBL system.  Below are some pictures of the great experience Replay had brewing with Andrew....


This stout is brewed with Simcoe hops and Midnight Wheat. We added malted milk powder, flaked oats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and vanilla.  Thanks for enjoying this awesome brew day experience with ASXL41 and Replay Brewing.  Enjoy your Saturday Morning Special!

ASXL41 cutout.png
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